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Mentoring Program

The mentoring program provides an opportunity to network with peers and discuss clinical issues related to selected cases - knowledge is shared at the AID Foundation! Participants are asked to briefly present their own cases, which are then discussed in the group. It is important that no lectures are given by the mentoring team, but that an intensive dialogue develops between all participants. Take advantage of our vibrant community of experts and register today.

Procedure and general conditions

These mentoring programs consist of a total of 4 meetings, each lasting 2 hours. The participation fee is CHF 400 per program and is credited with 10 training hours.

The topics and the "trap owners" for the next event will be determined in each case during the current event. Before the first event, the respective mentor teams will contact the participants in advance to coordinate.

In order to facilitate an interesting and informative discussion, we ask all participants to prepare documentation of their cases (some photos and radiographs will suffice) and bring them on a USB stick in Keynote or PowerPoint.

Catering is provided.

Membership in the AID is a prerequisite for participation.

The number of participants per program is limited to 15.

For mentoring programs with 4 meetings, participation in at least 3 events is expected.

It is possible to join ongoing programs. Please contact us and let us know which current course you are interested in. If there are still opportunities to join, we will be happy to include you as a member in the program.

Annual Conference - AID Symposium

"AID my generation" Symposium

The topic 2024: The integration of digital technologies in dentistry

Join us on May 16, 2024 at Resident Zurich and discover the fascinating world of digital dentistry. Experience practical presentations, discuss trends and clinical cases, and exchange ideas at the final "get together". Look forward to an informative afternoon!

The first "AID my generation" symposium - Review 2023

Let's remember together the outstanding AID my Generation Symposium 2023, an inspiring start. Our main topic: posterior implants.

Coaching program

  • A solid basic knowledge can be acquired by attending congresses and studying specialist literature intensively. Nevertheless, the true significance of implantology only becomes apparent in clinical practice.

When preparing to place implants or plan complex treatments, it often becomes desirable to consult an experienced practitioner. Accompanying an experienced clinician during an operation offers the opportunity to experience clinical reality first-hand and learn valuable lessons. However, in order to master all the intricacies, it is essential to treat at least one or more cases in your own practice under the guidance of an expert in the role of an assistant.

This is where we come in with a coaching program specially tailored to the younger generation. With experienced clinicians, both beginners and experts will find the ideal training opportunity according to the motto "In the thick of it instead of just there"

Procedure and general conditions

Four modules are offered. The number of training hours for this program is based on the corresponding duration of the modules. The details of the framework conditions must be discussed directly with the coach.

Participants take their own cases with them for a solution-oriented discussion/processing with an expert

In the practice of the coach

Evening event

Accompany and assist the expert in his practice in his surgical and prosthetic work

In the practice of the coach

1/2 or 1 day

Carrying out the initial procedure under the supervision/assistance of an experienced expert and training the dental assistants

In the practice of the coached dentist

1/2 or 1 day

Performing a procedure under the supervision and assistance of an experienced expert

In the practice of the coached dentist

1/2 or 1 day

Andreoni Claude
Gisler Vanessa
Grunder Ueli
Hunter Kurt
Jaquiéry Claude
Meyenberg Konrad
Minoretti Roger
Ramel Christian
Schneider David
Truninger Thomas
Wolleb Torrisi Karin
Chatzis Nikolaos
Cionca Norbert
Crameri Manuel
Damerau Georg
Eisner Barbara
Grohmann Philip
Heierle Linda
Huber Samuel
Jaquet Robin
Troxler Kilian
Villard Nicolas
Zbären Christoph