About the aid foundation

The AID connects oral implantology professionals to share knowledge across generations.

Our goals

Our mission

The knowledge acquired over a professional lifetime must not be lost, but passed on to the younger generation: this is our conviction, because the same treatment errors are not repeated. To this end, we provide coaching and mentoring programs and organize continuing education events that are specifically aimed at the younger generation. Clinical data on dental implants have been collected, analyzed and published for over forty years. The clinical experience of oral implantology is well documented.

Nevertheless, we believe that not all questions regarding the optimal treatment of patients have been answered sufficiently. We identify questions that can improve the treatment process and the success of treatment. To answer these questions, we initiate preclinical and clinical studies in collaboration with universities, colleges and private practices. Oral implantology is a competitive market. We are committed to informing patients about the possibilities and limitations of oral implant dentistry in a manner that is detached from commercial interests.

Our values

Five common values form the foundation of our work:

Board of Trustees

Prof. Dr. med. dent. Goran Benic


Dr. med. dent. Claude Andreoni

Dr. med. dent. Stefan Bienz

ZT Marion Gredig

Dr. med. dent. Ueli Grunder

Dr. med. dent. Thomas Hitz

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Claude Jaquiéry

Dr. med. dent. Julien Kirchhoff

Dr. med. dent. Thomas Meier

Dr. med. dent. Konrad Meyenberg

Dr. med., Dr. med. dent. Roger Minoretti 

ZT Nicola Pietrobon

Dr. med. dent. Christian Ramel

PD Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. David Schneider

Dr. sc. techn. Daniel Snétivy

Dr. med. dent. Thomas Truninger

Dr. med. dent. Karin Wolleb Torrisi

Dr. med. dent. Christoph Zbären

Dr. med. dent. Anina Zürcher

The tasks of the commissions

The AID is actively engaged in improving patient information regarding the
possibilities and limitations of oral implantology. Furthermore, the AID promotes and coordinates the exchange of knowledge between professionals working in oral implantology.

The AID organizes mentoring and coaching programs as well as scientific symposia for professionals interested in oral implantology.

AID coordinates symposia and continuing education programs in cooperation with universities that are specifically tailored to the needs of young dentists who have little experience in oral implantology.

The AID provides funding for research projects in the field of oral implantology and
related disciplines, provided that they have been approved by the AID Research Commission as
are considered worthy of support.


  • Establishment of a network at various universities
  • Establishment of contacts with scientific staff
  • Participation in pre- and clinical research in oral implantology
  • Development of clinically relevant study projects in the areas of implant design, superstructure, prosthetic workflow, regeneration and peri-implantitis.

The AID specifically promotes interdisciplinary exchange and knowledge transfer between dentists and dental technicians. After all, both parties are needed for successful reconstruction. Prosthodontics is teamwork.